Using the phonetic alphabet inspired by the airline industry, this season’s travel sweatshirt is a clever spelling out of the letters of our name- Mike, Uniform, Foxtrot, Tango, India in high definition, on a gel printed tonal camouflage stripe background so it is both subtle and bold at the same time. This black sweatshirt in

Not Your Normal Sweatshirt

Every special winter day needs the unique textured sweatshirt from Mufti. The Mufti man’s leisure is right in place when it comes to our sweatshirts. Our special Diagonal Textured Sweatshirts can be paired along with jeans, khaki pants or even joggers. The sweatshirts are the ultimate blend of freedom with style, athleticism with calmness. The

Sweaters You Need This Winter

Hope is one of the most powerful human instincts, and Sweaters bear their origin to it. Coming from European descent, the men’s sweaters were knitted by wives of fishermen with heartfelt messages for their men’s courage and safety, while some were knitted to work as a homage to their victories in battle.   The Cable

Every Jacket for Every Winter

Does any garment come even close to the legacy of the jacket? Surviving through decades of fads, they have remained in style and defined the times singlehandedly ever since they were first made for the military man about 200 years ago. MUFTI has added the much-needed touch of detail, offering authentic classics and contemporary urban

Men’s Casual Fashion Trends

The essence of casual fashion is comfort. To be able to master this comfortable art of dressing up subtly yet stylishly is an absolute essential in our times.   However, most of our fashion sense goes for a toss when it comes to everyday clothing. That’s exactly why having some staple styles in the closet

3 Men’s Fashion Rules You Should Break

 To break rules, you first need to know them. That’s true for Men’s fashion rules as well. Moreover, you must do that to define your style.  1.     Black & Navy Don’t Marry Well, they do. You must know how to do it. That’s all. Going brighter on the navy, almost a Prussian blue, which reflects a

5 Smart Casual Garments for Guys

 What is a “Smart Casual Outfit”? This sounds as confusing as a “Tall Little Guy”, doesn’t it? But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on this one. 1. Shirts Let’s start at the top. Urban dress shirts Relaxed preppy shirts from Mufti are a great way to play the game for this look. While checks

5 Best Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style

1. Break the Myth – Style comes from practice It’s no magic that some men look good every time you see them. They’ve, either themselves or with the help of a stylist, have figured out what kind of clothes and what looks work for them. Moreover, they make a conscious effort to choose and experiment