Master Monochrome this Winter

Mufti’s Lightweight Flannel Shirt is the quintessential shirt for the Indian winter. Few pieces of clothing feel as comfortable and look as presentable as the Flannel Shirt once the temperatures start dropping marking the onset of winter. At Mufti, the Casual Flannel Shirt is a celebration of this timeless classic with humble origins as utilitarian,

Henley – Where comfort meets style

The versatile Henley Shirt has deep roots in the history of menswear. Yet, it would be unwise to limit Henley’s legacy to its humble origins in 19th century Britain. Since then, it has climbed through the layers of menswear not just because of its sheer versatility but also, boasting a flattering design that has seen

Parfums De Mumbai

Airborne since 1998, Mufti’s bird of freedom has been in flight over the skies of Mumbai breathing in every unique scent that defines this great metropolis. The city has been our muse, our soul, and represents everything we stand for, and is reflected in all our endeavours. Indomitable, vibrant, creative, cultured, and humane, Mumbai inspires

The Mufti Paisley Shirt

Royalty. Rebellion. Resurgence. The iconic motif of Paisley, with its distinct swirling pattern, has constantly re-emerged throughout its long and varied history to make a bold statement in fashion. While the origins of the print itself are undefined – somewhere between modern day Iran and Northern India, the first use of the pattern is unquestionably

Mufti’s Lightweight Shirts

 After a warm humid day, the cosy night embraces the summer world. The summer night has a charm of its own which usually calls for magnificent night outs. The stars are out and quite naturally you plan on heading out with friends. The breeze is flowing through your hair and the last thing you want

Mufti’s Taped Polos

The Polo is one of the most versatile pieces in a man’s wardrobe. A true staple, it’s seen in clubs, sports arenas, beaches, and even restaurants as it dresses up your outfit while keeping you relaxed and casual. Mufti’s taped polos offer cutting edge style for the urban Mufti man. These polos for men are

Military Styles For You

Mufti stands as an ode to the men in uniform. Many shirts for men at Mufti are primarily inspired by the Military man’s taste and thus reflect the charming yet disciplined spirit. Moreover, not just Mufti, but most of the modern fashion that we wear today has been born out of the necessity of Military

Mufti’s Buttery Bright Shirts

One thing about the Lightweight Shirts from Mufti is that you can fit them into a pocket. This week our focus turns on these pastel, summery brights, that offer many options for you to choose from. The heat of Summer and the life of Spring calls for an enigmatic blend of light casual shirts for

Airborne Since 1998

The word Airborne which means “carried through the air” is an ode to the Military and the undefeated spirit of being courageous. Mufti is inspired by this Military spirit and all our fabrics bear this soul on them in one way or the other. Usually, this homage to the military man can be seen in

Printed Polos

Floral prints have a rich heritage rooted in Asian cultures. The flower has all kinds of significance from purity, wealth, honour and also reverence to the life-giving sun. And none of this is any less striking than the other. It’s no surprise that the floral patterns spread across the globe in no time and became