Airborne Since 1998

The word Airborne which means “carried through the air” is an ode to the Military and the undefeated spirit of being courageous. Mufti is inspired by this Military spirit and all our fabrics bear this soul on them in one way or the other. Usually, this homage to the military man can be seen in

Printed Polos

Floral prints have a rich heritage rooted in Asian cultures. The flower has all kinds of significance from purity, wealth, honour and also reverence to the life-giving sun. And none of this is any less striking than the other. It’s no surprise that the floral patterns spread across the globe in no time and became

Mufti’s Airborne Collar Polo Tee

With origins from the military, Mufti’s airborne fashion has maintained the top-notch approach to clothing for the Mufti man. Polo tees are typically made in durable knitted pique fabric. The Black & White Monochrome airborne polos for men come in the much-celebrated cotton pique fabric with its super comfortable and easy fit. What truly sets

Mufti’s Printed Shirts

The button-down shirt is an undoubtedly sharp representation of the urban man. The presence and style of this apparel are cemented in the disciplined personality of the man which is apparent from the finished look it radiates. Symmetry, perfection and class, these could be said to best describe the urban shirt that the modern world

Mufti’s Summer Florals

“Florals are for women.” “Florals are worn only by middle-aged men.”  “Florals are worn only on the beach.” “Florals aren’t for the masculine man.”    All these baseless comments have been turned around to be proven false by confident men throughout the world in modern times. However, these taboos will prevail in our lives until

Mufti’s Lightweight Summer Shirts

Summer-Spring is a time when flowers bear fruits. It signifies a fresh start, new beginnings and a beaming spirit of victory for the Mufti man. However, sometimes, this bright weather can get too hot and cause major discomfort hindering the cheerful atmosphere. But there has never been an obstacle the Mufti man can’t overcome.  Mufti’s

Mufti’s Monochrome Summer

Urban, Authentic and Relaxed – the three lifestyle offerings for Mufti man address all needs and moments of life, to set up the perfect wardrobe. Across the vintage inspired Authentic, the casual and elegant Relaxed, to the Urban dressed up needs of our patrons, Mufti offers a monochrome range to suit every need, be it

Indigo Forever

It can be said that Authentic is inspired by Denim Jeans. And Denim as we all know gets all its charm from Indigo. Indigo is a dye, a colour but more than that it’s a statement. An age-old technique that has been there in the oriental part of the globe and has travelled to Europe

Not Your Normal Camo

The military-inspired authentic camo has forever been a standard design, but Mufti can be said to be the pioneer of personalising this alpha fabric. Times have changed and camos have come a long way from being just battle uniforms. They are now seen as the Go-To Casual shirts for men. We can see people sporting

Not Your Normal Polka

It’s rightly said that the most attractive thing a man can wear is a smile. Now, imagine a man who can not only wear but spread smiles. It wouldn’t be too much to say that the Polka dot print is invariably the formula for spreading a smile on anyone’s face as they see you. The