Introducing Mufti’s A/W 2022 Collection

With warm temperatures, overcast skies and humid weather slowly passing us, one can already begin to feel the temperatures falling. Winter, well the mild Indian winter most of us experience is finally around the corner. Add to that a packed holiday season with countless family gatherings and celebrations coming up in the next few months.

Mufti’s Lightweight Stretch Shirts

The first marker of stepping into adulthood for any young man is the purchase of that first formal dress shirt. It lays the foundation for any good wardrobe yet to come. A good dress shirt has been and will continue to always be the base any formal fit for occasions where you simply have to

Mufti’s Summer Blues

This summer, Mufti’s blue menswear collection achieves peak summer relaxation with styling cues to the nonchalant and easy-going mood that every man deserves in this sweltering heat. With elevated wardrobe basics, from graphic print t-shirts and utilitarian athleisure wear to workwear shirts and classic polos, this collection in refreshing shades of blue is the only

Mufti’s Nautical Indian Summer

If you thought that camouflage patterns and earthy colours are the only inheritance the armed forces have gifted the world of fashion, think again. In contrast to the olive and khaki of the military, the naval forces inspired us with hues of white, red and blues. Breton Stripes, now a sartorial staple, began its journey

The Modern Man Wears Pink

If the colour pink had its own Twitter account, the internet would be a steaming mess with trending hashtags highlighting the unfair gender stereotyping it has been subjected to in the past. In reality, though, the colour has always broken loose from its gender shackles with due credit to menswear designers (like our team at

Mufti’s Sunshine Yellow Collection

Yellow – the quintessential colour of a bright, exciting and eventful summer. From the brush strokes of Van Gogh to the lyrics of Coldplay, the colour yellow has been revered as the defining colour of these months. To us at Mufti, we are moved by the canopy of yellow flowers that blossom on every street

Mufti’s Summer 22 Collection: ‘Spring in the Style’

It all begins with a thought of the quintessential Indian summer; one that starts with a short and subtle spring marked by the rare few days you can truly enjoy the sun before it all culminates into months of sweltering summer and incessant waves of heat. The Mufti Spring-Summer 2022 Collection signals the cheerful positivity,

How to wear Camo in 2022

Of the many fashion statements that have emerged from the armed forces, the camouflage print as a graphic tee is one that has unquestionably surpassed its original legacy and now been adopted into the mainstream, everyday dressing – from being as omnipresent as the solid black tee to being dismissed as flashy macho. This was

Mufti’s Peached Poplin Shirts

The soft, luxurious touch of Mufti peached poplin shirt is complimented by its heritage in being the erstwhile go-to fabric of the highest authority in the medieval western world – the Vatican. The fabric first came to use in 14th century France, in the city of Avignon, which was home to the papal residence during

Mufti’s Lightweight Cambric Shirt

“…Tell her to make me a cambric shirt, Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme, Without any seam or needlework, And then she’ll be a true love of mine…”   The Cambric Shirt is one of the many great British ballads chronicled in the late 19th century that tells the story of a young man who requests impossible tasks