Mufti’s Logo Printed Shirts

The forthcoming summer of 2022 is going to be a season of reckoning. After over two years of staying cooped up within our houses, this season of sweltering heat is when we all finally get a chance to step out and breathe some life into our otherwise anti-social lives. Some of us are excited, some

Mufti’s Navy Story

When we think of military inspiration in everyday dressing our minds instantly paint an image of olive and khaki drawn from the armed forces. We often forget navy (blue), a dark shade in the spectrum of blue that, as the name suggests, finds its origins in the naval forces making this humble colour a must-have

Mufti’s Sunshine Yellow Stripes

Think of stripes and one’s imagination immediately zeroes down to corporate honchos in a plaid pastel blue. The unimaginative investment banker, with a buttoned-up and tucked-in shirt, sitting in his corner office is a predictable cliché that has been furthered by television decade after decade. This summer, we at Mufti, aspire to button down the

Mufti’s Geometric Reds

The casual shirt is the inevitable star of summer on the subcontinent. An epitome of versatility – wear it buttoned-up layered with a suit in the airconditioned boardroom and wear it untucked, with sleeves rolled up, when outdoors – make it the most coveted of men’s clothing each year. Like every summer before this, we

Mufti’s Summer Athleisure

Over the last decade, athletic-inspired clothing has been a growing dominant force in fashion. Pop culture icons, from Kanye West in the west to Badshah closer home, have adopted sweats and hoodies as their go-to uniform everywhere. Whether you actually sweat in athleisure clothing or not, there is no reason for your everyday casual wear

Mufti’s New Nauticals

A study on the origins of nautical fashion is a study of history itself – closely tied to the historic voyages, the great wars and iconic world leaders who have shaped the world we live in today. The origins of nautical fashion date back to the early 1700s and coincide with the advent of oceanic

Mufti’s Denim Variety

Today, the Mufti Man is living in an almost unprecedented age of fashion where creativity and uniqueness triumph over strictly dictated rules of styling. Whether you are shopping for your daily workwear or building a solid wardrobe to match an equally bustling weekend, there is no shortage of fashion pieces for you to experiment with

Mufti’s Ivy League Stripes

Ivy League – a term that is synonymous with the academic excellence of elite colleges in North-eastern America also carries connotations to the preppy style of dressing that originated on the campus of The Ancient Eight. Ivy Style, as it came to be known, was over forty years in the making and today has come

Mufti’s Rugby Striped Shirts

The rugby shirt has long transcended the muddy image of being soiled and bloodied on the rugby field to be an everyday staple for every well-dressed man – from streetwear enthusiasts to classic prep dressers. It is abundant in contemporary and classic style, equally, and is the quintessential piece of men’s winter wardrobe. Today, as

Mufti Military Badged T-Shirts

Modern menswear has extensively borrowed the tailoring and style of military uniform-makers in the past decades. It conjures images of grandeur, finesse and is the go-to benchmark of the macho style. Whether in the form of functional, utilitarian khakis or an everyday crewneck t-shirt in camouflage print, military-inspired clothing has been reinterpreted across all categories