Mufti’s Monochrome Summer

Urban, Authentic and Relaxed – the three lifestyle offerings for Mufti man address all needs and moments of life, to set up the perfect wardrobe. Across the vintage inspired Authentic, the casual and elegant Relaxed, to the Urban dressed up needs of our patrons, Mufti offers a monochrome range to suit every need, be it

Indigo Forever

It can be said that Authentic is inspired by Denim Jeans. And Denim as we all know gets all its charm from Indigo. Indigo is a dye, a colour but more than that it’s a statement. An age-old technique that has been there in the oriental part of the globe and has travelled to Europe

Not Your Normal Camo

The military-inspired authentic camo has forever been a standard design, but Mufti can be said to be the pioneer of personalising this alpha fabric. Times have changed and camos have come a long way from being just battle uniforms. They are now seen as the Go-To Casual shirts for men. We can see people sporting

Not Your Normal Polka

It’s rightly said that the most attractive thing a man can wear is a smile. Now, imagine a man who can not only wear but spread smiles. It wouldn’t be too much to say that the Polka dot print is invariably the formula for spreading a smile on anyone’s face as they see you. The

Stripes Are Back

Very few fabrics have, what we can call, an enduring lineage and history. Undoubtedly, the Stripes are the Kings in this context. These are some of the oldest woven textiles to have stood the test of time. However, what makes them so relevant even today is their connection with the people and their daily lives.

Summer Prints Are Here

There’s nowhere this summer that you can’t go wearing one of Mufti’s stunning Print Shirts. Be it dinner with friends, or brunch overlooking the sea, these prints will set you apart wherever you go. This season Mufti’s decided to bring you a whole new range of prints from Urban, Authentic, all the way to Relaxed

Fly With Us into the New Normal

Using the phonetic alphabet inspired by the airline industry, this season’s travel sweatshirt is a clever spelling out of the letters of our name- Mike, Uniform, Foxtrot, Tango, India in high definition, on a gel printed tonal camouflage stripe background so it is both subtle and bold at the same time. This black sweatshirt for men,

Not Your Normal Sweatshirt

Every special winter day needs the unique textured sweatshirt from Mufti. The Mufti man’s leisure is right in place when it comes to our sweatshirts. Our special Diagonal Textured Sweatshirts can be paired along with jeans, khaki pants or even joggers. The sweatshirts are the ultimate blend of freedom with style, athleticism with calmness. The

Sweaters You Need This Winter

Hope is one of the most powerful human instincts, and Sweaters bear their origin to it. Coming from European descent, the men’s sweaters were knitted by wives of fishermen with heartfelt messages for their men’s courage and safety, while some were knitted to work as a homage to their victories in battle. The Cable Sweaters

Every Jacket for Every Winter

Does any garment come even close to the legacy of the jacket? Surviving through decades of fads, they have remained in style and defined the times singlehandedly ever since they were first made for the military man about 200 years ago.   MUFTI has added the much-needed touch of detail, offering authentic classics and contemporary