Men’s Casual Fashion Trends

The essence of casual fashion is comfort. To be able to master this comfortable art of dressing up subtly yet stylishly is an absolute essential in our times. However, most of our fashion sense goes for a toss when it comes to everyday clothing. That’s exactly why having some staple styles in the closet helps

3 Men’s Fashion Rules You Should Break

 To break rules, you first need to know them. That’s true for Men’s fashion rules as well. Moreover, you must do that to define your style. 1.     Black & Navy Don’t Marry Well, they do. You must know how to do it. That’s all. Going brighter on the navy, almost a Prussian blue, which reflects a

5 Smart Casual Garments for Guys

 What is a “Smart Casual Outfit”? This sounds as confusing as a “Tall Little Guy”, doesn’t it? But don’t worry. We’ve got you covered on this one. 1. Shirts Let’s start at the top. Urban dress shirts Relaxed preppy shirts from Mufti are a great way to play the game for this look. While checks

5 Best Fashion Tips To Elevate Your Style

1. Break the Myth – Style comes from practice It’s no magic that some men look good every time you see them. They’ve, either themselves or with the help of a stylist, have figured out what kind of clothes and what looks work for them. Moreover, they make a conscious effort to choose and experiment

Your Skinny Fit Jeans

Just like with everything, with Skinny Fit Jeans for men, there are some things you should do, and some things you shouldn’t. Let’s dive into it! The Do’s:  Let it fit your body. “Hey my friend wears this one so I think I should buy the same!” doesn’t work. No two people are the same.

Slim Fit Jeans

In general, there’s a lot of confusion in the jeans for men category about what “slim-fit jeans’ are. Well, to make it simple, these are the ideal fit for style and comfort with more space around the thighs than its skinny-fit cousin but just tight enough to wrap around the legs. However, the choice of

What to Pair with Skinny Fit Jeans

The Skinny Fit jeans have been under the radar for quite some time now for being exclusively for the hipster men. However, we are here to break that myth. Men can sport them almost any outing now. Let’s learn to style them. 1. With a Blazer We thought we’d start with that which sounds the

What to Pair with Super Slim Fit Jeans

The Super Slim Fit Jeans have been in and out of the popular culture, but now, it looks like they’re here to stay. Quickly replacing the baggy and bootcut jeans, these amazing unisex fabrics are cool but sometimes misunderstood too. Let’s understand what we can pair with them for the best results. Just like all

Timeless Black Jeans

The simplest is the most universal. The black jeans are a timeless example of just this statement. The king of capsule wardrobes in which clothes mix and match easily, the black jeans goes with everything, in every colour. And no, we aren’t pushing it. The black jeans for men create the staple looks which are